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Summer Storms

Last night I left a gathering early to go for a drive. I love the peaceful moments that come just before a rain hits- where the air hangs heavy and the breeze is still. I wanted to experience the humbling serenity of driving down an empty road while the dull rumble of thunder rolls and mighty electric volts surrounded me. I enjoy being shown how minuscule I am every now and then. It makes me feel cushioned, although I’m not sure how or why. 

I found a good place to pull over and parked the car. I rolled the windows down, letting the aroma of summer rain drift into my car. I watched as the lighting lit up the clouds, outlining their every detail. I could see the rain coming- lightly scratching paths across the skyline. 

I had one of those fantastic moments where everything in the world was unbelievably beautiful and perfect- part of me wanted to wake everyone up so they could see what I was seeing, feel what I was feeling. I wanted to share it with someone. I wanted to watch their face as they took in the vast beauty around them. I wanted to watch someone realize that they are small and that, in the grand scheme of things, thats okay. 

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School is just around the corner.

Sophomore year of college. I’ve been care free all summer so…I should probably start worrying about getting a legitimate job after I graduate now. I need something to stress about. 

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I’m back from counseling at camp and missing it like crazy!

I miss my girls that I had in my cabin. This is ridiculous, I am so depressed because I miss them so much already. UGH. 

My sunburn = Lobster Status.


Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

I live off of coffee. 

Coffee and Jack Kerouac. 

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