For the Windows in Oceans.

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Lemonworld, The National 

"I gave my heart to the army- the only sentimental thing I could think of."

Afraid of Everyone, The National

…I’m obsessed. I really, really am. 

The National, Lemonworld

The National, Sorrow (Live Uncut) 

"Don’t leave my hyper heart alone 
On the water
Cover me in rag and bone
Because I don’t want to get over you
I don’t want to get over you” 

❝ I’m out of my mind. Think you can wait? I’m way off the line. Think you can wait it out? ❞

The National, Think You can Wait

The National, Apartment Story

The National

The National

❝ Now, we’ll leave the Silver City because all the Silver Girls gave us black dreams. ❞

The National

The National, Ada

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