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Summer Storms

Last night I left a gathering early to go for a drive. I love the peaceful moments that come just before a rain hits- where the air hangs heavy and the breeze is still. I wanted to experience the humbling serenity of driving down an empty road while the dull rumble of thunder rolls and mighty electric volts surrounded me. I enjoy being shown how minuscule I am every now and then. It makes me feel cushioned, although I’m not sure how or why. 

I found a good place to pull over and parked the car. I rolled the windows down, letting the aroma of summer rain drift into my car. I watched as the lighting lit up the clouds, outlining their every detail. I could see the rain coming- lightly scratching paths across the skyline. 

I had one of those fantastic moments where everything in the world was unbelievably beautiful and perfect- part of me wanted to wake everyone up so they could see what I was seeing, feel what I was feeling. I wanted to share it with someone. I wanted to watch their face as they took in the vast beauty around them. I wanted to watch someone realize that they are small and that, in the grand scheme of things, thats okay. 

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Time almost takes away reality.

Do you ever sit down and remember something from years past and think: Wow, did that really happen? Was that real? Because, really, those memories don’t seem real at all do they? Its like recalling tiny fragments of a dream after waking. 

I can hardly remember myself living a year ago. Last summer seems so far away, an alternate reality. So much has changed since then. I can only imagine what next year will bring. 

Did a photo shoot with my friend Virginia this week. I had to have some pictures for a scholarship program I am in. She is so talented! 

Did a photo shoot with my friend Virginia this week. I had to have some pictures for a scholarship program I am in. She is so talented! 

Just something that I need to get out into the open…

I love the stupid Bachelorette. That TV show is my ultimate guilty pleasure and I don’t care who knows it. Dang it, ABC, you’ve got me. 

Jef Holm is perfect.

Jef Holm needs to win or I’m going to flip out big time and never watch another season.

Thats probably a lie. 

Ugh, but seriously.

I’m the worst. 

My sunburn = Lobster Status.


Nothing beats going out on a long run…

and then getting home and going back to sleep. 

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Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

I live off of coffee. 

Coffee and Jack Kerouac. 

I love my cat.

I love my cat.

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Two. More. Music Theory and Juries. I’m so stressed out. I just went out to my car, listened to Jack White, and cried for no particular reason.

You know, some people think that when you die you stop existing.

But that isn’t true at all.

You stop existing when people no longer remember you.

Me during finals:

Study, study, study. Somehow lose all knowledge upon taking the test.

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