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I am seriously struggling with maintaining an interest in school.

All I want to do is be done with college.

And play music and go on adventures. 

No more of this academic stuff…please. 

First day back in classes…

Academia tanks.

At least I am studying something interesting? 

I just want to go kayaking. 

And white water rafting. 

School is just around the corner.

Sophomore year of college. I’ve been care free all summer so…I should probably start worrying about getting a legitimate job after I graduate now. I need something to stress about. 

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Two. More. Music Theory and Juries. I’m so stressed out. I just went out to my car, listened to Jack White, and cried for no particular reason.

Me during finals:

Study, study, study. Somehow lose all knowledge upon taking the test.

I am in no mood for scholastic ventures today.

Oh, College, you have made me lazy. 

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The Train

Can you hear that? It happens around this time every night— The whistling of the train. Can you hear that strangely romantic, melancholy sound? It is a cry that sails through the night on wings of shadows and fluorescent lights. It is the call of sorrow. Of confusion. Of loneliness. Of farewell. The sound of that train will dance through the darkness and gently caress the eardrums of the mourners in soft acknowledgement. The sound of that train will waltz into the lives of the euphoric and joyfully sink into the track of their effervescent laughter. 

 Wether the whistling of trains holds meaning in the lives of others, I will never know. But I do know that somehow, in some small way, I was just connected to hundreds of people at once.  

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